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VoIP Services - Small Businesses

Virtual Centrex VoIP Phone Service - Make phone calls over the internet using your broadband connection and our control panel. It's like having your own local phone exchange (PBX) with an easy to use web interface to manage extension numbers and call groups - ideal for virtual companies and homeworkers.

Cool Phone Numbers

We provide VoIP services to all these area codes.


What do you get?

  • Carrier-grade voice quality (requires broadband ADSL)
  • Free calls to your colleagues and other internet telephony users
  • Full PSTN (public telephone network) connectivity - whether if you call any UK number or if someone calls you
  • Your own geographic (e.g: Bristol 0117) or non-geographic (e.g: 0800 freephone or 0845 Lo-Call) phone number
  • Full range of PBX features - Voicemail, Hunt Groups, "follow me", Caller ID (including the name of the caller where known)
  • Advanced routing options - IVR, time-of-day routing, voice prompts

How does Virtual Centrex service work?

Virtual Centrex uses the special SIP protocol to carry voice over a broadband internet connection. It offers a single telephony solution for distributed organisations.
See how Virtual Centrex service works.
See how Virtual Centrex Control Panel works.

What software and hardware do I need?

  • You make and receive phone calls to and from "real" phone numbers or other VoIP users, using any of these options:
  • A "real" telephone handset (adaptor required)
  • SIP-enabled "hard phones" (telephones which plug directly into the internet)
  • "Soft phones" (software which you use with a headset and microphone through your computer)
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What happens if I'm offline?
Calls can be forwarded to another regular (PSTN) number (at a cost) or delivered to voicemail.


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