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How Secure is your network?

Feel safe with Email Defender on your side!

Business Email Benefits

  • Saves time and money by freeing up internal IT staff to work on core business strategies
  • Improves messaging with increased reliability, availability, scalability, and security
  • No additional costs or add-ons
  • Feel confident knowing that your email communication will not be compromised by viruses, junk mail, or external threats.

Improves Employee Productivity

  • Adding time to your employees’ day by eliminating the hassle of dealing with unwanted SPAM while giving them control of their SPAM with one easy click of the mouse.
  • Your inbox will only consist of relevant mail
  • Web filtering gives you the ability to control which websites your employees can browse. With web filtering customizable per employee, you can regulate internet usage.

When Disaster Strikes, We Keep You in Business

  • Let Live Archive give you piece of mind by allowing your employees to stay productive and continue to send and receive emails whenever your mail server is down, or disconnected.
  • Log into LiveArchive with Outlook Web Access wherever the Internet can be accessed and continue working.

Safe and Secure

  • Spam and viruses never touch your servers.
  • We are constantly updating our spam filters so we keep one step ahead of the virus and spam writers. It is the most effective spam filter available and it will continue to be so even as new spam programs are written.

Easy to Use

  • Fast set-up! Set it and forget it!
  • No software to download!
  • Allows for business reporting and you have control over your SPAM by being able to access it for up to 30 days.





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